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The Barbwire doll is a grunge/punk rock band which hails from Greece and is based in the United States. They were some of the best play mats for floor at the Lemmy which was a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group. The band was formed in Crete Greece which with the help of the members you can see that they have reached the top of the charts. They have been known to play in many Greece festivals and came to get recognised with the help of host Rodney Bingengheimer and were later relocated to Los Angeles, California in the year 2010.

They debut them the album in the USA in the Roxy theatre and the sunset trip. The band is also known to play at residents like The whisky a Go-Go, the viper room, on the Rox, the doll hut. They have been spotted to by tom Zutaut, and together they came to make everything work for them. In the year 2012 and 2013, they spend their time touring the whole world and made headlines with festivals like the Texas Showdown, Ink Life, Bricadeira and Rock4Unity. 2013 was the year where with their first Europe trip help them getting into the Wolverine Records which was not only limited to the Weihnachtspogo, Sommerlock, France’s Foud Rock, Slovenia Gala Hala, etc. the bard wire dolls made a lot of headlines one of the most noteworthy was at Joey Ramone Birthday party.

There are many bands that have been played on the main stage which includes the likes of Rebellion, Mighty Sounds, Fest Pod Parou, Total Bochum, Back to the future music festival. Barbwire dolls have been played over nine hundred shows as they have sold multiple club dates in over twenty-five countries. In the year 2015, they were seen playing live band at Whisky A Go-Go Los Angeles and was again offered record deal where the band was signed to Motorhead Music. Today, the band continues to tour and gain more and more appreciation for their movies which allows them to perform all over the world and are making sure that their music evolves with time and also make sure that they give the rare appearance at the Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles if you are wondering some of their best play mats for floor music till here are the top 10 list that you can enjoy listing to.

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  1. Heart Attack (2016) Album-Desperate
  2. Surreal (2016) Album- Desperate
  3. I will sail (2016) Album-Desperate
  4. Revolution (2012) Album-Slit
  5. World On Fire (2012) Album-Slit
  6. Blind to your misery (2012) Album-Desperate
  7. Back to USSA (2017) Album-Rub my Mind
  8. Your Escape (2012) Album-Slit
  9. We are Champions (2017) Album-Rub My Mind
  10. Hole of Isolation (2017) Album-Rub My Mind
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